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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you find instant answers to your queries

What types of plumbers can I find in the Plumbing Hub Directory?

We have seperated plumbers in to as many different types as we could think of so you can find the specialist that you need for your job. If you think there is one missing get in touch!

How do I find a plumber?

Simple! Just visit our home page and pick the category that you are looking for and let us know where you live and you will be presented with all the plumbers we have listed near you.

What if i’m not satisfied with the service I receive

We recommend dealing with this directly with the Plumber, however if you can’t resolve the situation you can leave a review on this platform.

Can I add my business to your directory?

Yes! Just visit our sign up page and follow the instructions.

Is there a charge for home owners to use this directory

No there is no fee to finding a professional plumber on this site.

Can I add my website to your directory?

Yes but this is reserved for our premium plan customers, this can be paid for monthly, annually or once for lifetime. Free plan customers can still list contact details and add images to their profiles.